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Evangelist Dickerson LWP Director

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LWP, Which was named by the young Ladies of the LWP ministry.  This ministry is designed to remind teenagers ages 13-17 that they are the young ladies of our now and not just our future.  The goal in the LWP is to allow the young ladies to be transparent and to prepare them for their purpose.  The LWP meet monthly to learn how to prepare for their purpose by dealing with their past and present hurt, so that they can walk into their divine purpose.

Youth Ministry Vision

New Destiny Fellowship Church Y.T.F.C church is designed to meet the need of Youth ages 1 month-19 years.  Teachers are trained to minister the Word of God at the level of understanding for each grade level. The primary goal of the Y.T.F.C Church Ministry is to teach and instill in the youth the seven principles of abundant living as taught by Pastor Clyde E. Harden, Jr., which are Salvation, Authority of the believer, Faith, Prayer, the Holy Spirit, Healing and Prosperity.

In Y.T.F.C Church there are two different services designed for teaching and impacting this generation:  Sunday Service for learning and Wednesday Transformation service for re-teaching what was previously learned.  The Sunday Services for learning is held in conjunction with NDFC’s regular Sunday Worship services and Wednesday’s Transformation service is held in conjunction with regular Mid-Week Bible Study.

The Y.T.F.C Church Ministry has established significant goals for each child that will give them a strong spiritual foundation for daily life.  Our goals are that each child be proficient in the following areas:

  • Scriptural reference for Salvation, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, and Water Baptism
  • Locate and say the books of the Bible with Boldness
  • Memorize and recite memory verses
  • Know scripture reference for salvation, healing, prayer, prosperity and faith                                           
  • Know Bible stories that can relate to everyday life
  • Know Scriptural reference for leading another person to salvation.

           The Y.T. F.C Church was established to fulfill the mandate God has given to build people in changing our minds so that we can change the World.   It is our responsibility to create an environment for our Youth to hear God’s voice. We want our Youth to know God’s purpose for their lives, and to be free to worship and praise God in spirit and in truth.  Godly principles that will give our children the Biblical foundation, and the knowledge of who God is. We must teach our Youth the things of God, and train them to share Jesus with others.

We have been commissioned to develop the Youth of the world within Biblical constraints and to instill Christian and Godly values in an environment that is conducive to their spiritual growth and development.  Through the practical application of the word, God will manifest in their lives. Where there is clarity of vision, there is immediate acceleration toward the common goal.

Youth Messages


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