About NDFC

In September of 2010, Bishop Clyde E. Harden Jr. and Pastor Tonya Harden had a vision to start New Destiny Fellowship Church (NDFC) that would be founded on on love, God’s word and a passion for helping people. They believe in the empowerment of people therefore, their motto for New Destiny Fellowship Church is “Change your mind so that you can Change the World”. They believe that the change first begins within them, and than they can change the world one person at a time.

After starting NDFC, in a small Community Center that holds around sixty people and leaving there after filling it to capacity. Moving into a shopping center that held one hundred people, and than opening up a building within that same shopping center to start the Young Transformers for Christ youth ministry. Than moving into their now 9,000 square foot building that gives them the opportunity to do more ministry. Bishop and Pastor Harden has had the privilege of watching the growth both physically and spiritually at NDFC.

While building the New Destiny Fellowship Church, Bishop and Pastor Harden founded an outreach program called New Destiny Fellowship Church Thanksgiving Community Feast. The goal of the feast was to give back to community. They designed a volunteer team that helped serve the community by doing a dinner, giving away over 100 turkeys, and giving away a bag of groceries for thanksgiving. The outreach program is now an organization called the San Jacinto County Outreach Committee (SJCOC). This committee is designed to continue the Thanksgiving Community Feast on a larger scale, that feeds over 1,000 people a year and also gives back to San Jacinto County area as much as possible.

In 2011, Bishop Harden started the New Destiny Counselors of Ministers (NDCM) for new and upcoming ministers that would preach the gospel. The NDCM was designed to train and develop ministers to advance throughout the ranks of clergy. After Bishop Harden was elevating to a Bishop prelate in 2018, he and Pastor Harden made some small changes to the NDCM, which is now the New Destiny Counselors of Ministries for Pastors and Pastor wives. The NDCM is now design to hold Pastors and Pastors wives accountable to high call of God, by leading by example, loving one another, and listening to the leadership that God has put over your life.

In 2015, Bishop and Pastor Harden founded the Clergy Connection which is designed to help develop and build a relationship with clergy and spouses. It is also designed, to help clergy members feel comfortable in their position at New Destiny Fellowship Church. It allows Bishop and Pastor Harden to stay connected to them and to remind them of the importance of their position while in ministry at New Destiny Fellowship.

In August of 2017, Bishop and Pastor Harden became certified Life Coaches and started a ministry called Team Harden Ministries. Where they restore, renew and rebuild marriages, ministries, mighty man and woman of God in all walks of life. This ministry has giving them the opportunity to encourage marriages, ministries and mighty men and women through marriage workshop, leadership conference, through social media, through their books, and much more.

Lastly, Bishop and Tonya Harden believe that when you start changing your mind about the way you think about your family, friends, food, financial, faith and fun. You can then help someone else change through your spiritual commitment and personal relationship with God. The bible says, Romans 12:8 (not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” They believe once we transform our lives the world will follow.